Geological Assessments

What does it mean when geologic resources indicate there was once a river under your planned building?  It means you are building in a mobile alluvial flood plain that will be subject to future erosion.  It also means there is likely fill from an unknown source on the property.  Industrial slag from the steel industry was used as fill throughout western New York.  Slag is more resistant to erosion than sand, silt, or clay.  Is remediated slag an improvement on unremediated slag?  Should sampling and analysis be completed on the slag under your property?  Do we want slag to determine the biodiversity of our watersheds?

Will riparian vegetation grow and thrive on slag?  What types of nutrients does slag offer to root systems?  What types of nutrients does slag offer to the biodiversity of the watershed?  Vegetation may grow initially from the topsoil placed during planting, but will it provide long term sustainablity for full grown willows?  Have we reached the best development opportunity for the long term profit and sustainability of the community and the watershed?

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